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Bipartisan Topwater Fishing Lure Pack

Bipartisan Topwater Fishing Lure Pack

Can't decide? Wanna pit 'em against each other? Gotta catch 'em all? The Bipartisan Topwater Fishing Lure Pack is here. We'll make sure they get along until they get to you. After that, you can mediate. 

The Trump Topwater Fishing Lure

  • Fantastic Topwater Lure, Really The Best

  • Catches Huge Fish, The Biggest Fish, Believe Me, Ask Anyone

  • The Strongest Durable American Design Ever, Trust Me

  • If You Hear This Isn't The Best Lure Ever It's #FakeNews

  • All Other Lures Are Losers, Complete Disasters

The Biden Topwater Fishing Lure

  • The Oldest Topwater Fishing Lure Of All Time

  • This Lure Grabs All The Fish With Razor Sharp Hooks, And I Mean ALL The Fish

  • Give Fish A Good Ol' Fashioned Pounding With This Time Tested Fishing Lure

  • Huh? What? Where Am I?
  • No Malarkey

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