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**NEW** Ike Live Custom Logo Line Cutterz Ring - Limited Edition

Limited Edition Custom Ike Live Logo Ring!

Future fishing Hall Of Famer Mike Iaconelli put his Ike Live logo on our patented Line Cutterz Ring! Sleek double-sided blade perfect for quick and efficient cutting of monofilament, fluorocarbon and braided fishing line. Wear it on a finger or strap it to fishing rod handles, kayak seat posts, tackle bags, boat rails, PFD's or anywhere else you can imagine. Great for all types of fishing including kayak fishing, surf fishing, chartered fishing and tournament fishing. The fastest tagline cutter in the industry. 

  • Two-sided stainless steel blades cut from either side
  • Ultimate in durability and safety.
  • Marine grade adjustable Velcro band
  • Cuts up to 100lb test braid, mono and fluorocarbon fishing lines

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