Cal Coast Fishing - Battle Box™ + Line Cutterz Peel & Stick Cutter


We are excited to partner with Cal Coast Fishing to offer the first tackle box designed with the functionality of the patented Line Cutterz technology in mind. The Cal Coast Fishing Battle Box™ features a recessed mounting location to accept the most innovative fishing line cutter available today. 


Battle Box™

Revolutionary Tackle Storage.

Cal Coast Fishing has taken a new approach to terminal tackle organization. Tackle can be organized in thousands of ways, and each angler has their own way of doing so, with that in mind, the creators at Cal Coast Fishing have designed a box that is both effective in size and dynamic in design. The modular tackle system allows for the ability to load the box as desired making the system unique, like every angler.

With the same dimensions as other popular boxes, (14 x 9.75 x 3.75) the Battle Box™ maximizes space and makes getting to your items fast and easy. This stackable box is made from durable plastic with a triple latched, O-ring sealed scratch resistant, transparent lid.

Ammo Cans:
Each individual water-resistant, squeeze-top, container is transparent to easily see contents. Cal Coast also provides stoppers to keep items nice and tight and labels to further help visually organize your tackle. Ammo Cans come in two sizes keeping the spirit of flexibility for all kinds of terminal tackle needs.

Tackle Mag:
This transparent rectangular box has two foam inserts (provided).
- Slotted insert for large and specialized hooks.
- Holed insert to hold tungsten or lead weights.
- Inserts may also be removed to use as needed.

Supplied dividers allow anglers to change the configuration on the left side of the Battle Box by simply removing the black foam and inserting as needed. This is especially useful for Co-anglers, kayak anglers, and anglers fishing from shore.

Line Cutterz Peel & Stick Fishing Line Cutter

The patented design of the Line Cutterz Peel & Stick Fishing Line Cutter makes cutting monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided fishing line a breeze. The high-quality 3M outdoor adhesive makes it easy to mount your Line Cutterz to boat consoles, kayaks, spooling stations, rigging stations, stand up paddle boards, beach fishing coolers, your Cal Coast Fishing Battle Box™ or anywhere else you can imagine. Always have a safe and efficient fishing line cutter ready when and where you need it!

  • Two-sided stainless steel blade cuts up to 100lb test braid, monofilament & fluorocarbon from either side.
  • Heavy-duty 3M outdoor adhesive mounts reliably to virtually any smooth clean surface.
  • Safe and Convenient. You cannot cut yourself with the safe recessed blade design.
  • Mount it to boat consoles, kayaks, tackle boxes, spooling stations, rigging stations, stand up paddle boards, beach fishing coolers, or anywhere else you can imagine.
  • Great for all types of fishing including kayak fishing, surf fishing, chartered fishing, fly fishing and tournament fishing.

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