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5-Pack - Line Cutterz Ceramic Blade Zipper Pull Cutters

Want to share the Line Cutterz Zipper Pull with friends and family? Or maybe you just want to attach a Line Cutterz Zipper Pull to extra tackle bags, jackets, hoodies, soft-sided coolers, or waders.

The Line Cutterz Zipper Pull is finally here! The recessed blade is mounted in a redesigned cutting slot for even closer cuts. The heavy-duty ABS plastic body with textured non-slip grip provides long-lasting dependable use. It's two-sided rust-proof ceramic blade cut braided line, monofilament, and fluorocarbon - right from your zipper.

  • Each Line Cutterz Zipper Pull is individually packaged.
    • Redesigned cutting slot for even closer cuts
    • Mounts conveniently to tackle bags, soft-sided coolers, waders, etc...
    • Integrated non-slip finger grip for ease of use
    • Durable ABS plastic body for long-lasting use

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