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Pro Fish Gear Tournament Series Bait Casting Kayak Fishing Rod



Northfork Composite Blank

  • Designed by Gary Loomis (founder of G-Loomis)
  • Made In USA

Portuguese Cork Grip

  • Cork transmits vibrations better than common EVA rubber grips, which allows anglers to feel even the slightest bite. One bite can be the difference between winning a tournament vs. not placing.
  • Composite cork rings (darker colored rings on the handle) are designed to increase the vibration received through the rod blank and transfer them to the handle.

Double Locking Nut

  • A secondary locking nut made of aluminum is added to prevent the primary locking nut from loosening while the rod is in use. No unnecessary, constant tightening of the locking nut or risk of losing your reel. Aluminum is extremely lightweight and will not corrode in saltwater

316 Stainless Steel Guides with Zirconium Inserts

  • Corrosion-resistant, lightweight guides with the hardest material insert available prevent braided lines from grooving the guide inserts.
  • 1st guide (stripper guide) has a double foot for added durability. This prevents the guide from bending when placing the rod in a kayak.
  • Micro guides reduce "line slap" for an increased casting distance, which is extremely important when casting from the seated position in a kayak.

ForeCast Trigger Casting Reel Seat

  • Graphite filled nylon construction increases strength and sensitivity.
  • The exposed blank aids in allowing the vibrations from the tip of the rod to travel directly into the angler's hand.

Glow Guide Wraps At The Tip

  • Glow-in-the-dark guide wraps at the tip of the rod give better visibility to detect bites in low light conditions. 

9.5" Chamfered Handle

  • The shorter handle increases rod maneuverability and decreases the likelihood of the rod hitting the angler in the stomach.
  • The chamfered rod butt allows the rod to slide easily across an anglers' shirt, rather than getting caught in the fabric.

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