Line Cutterz "VET" Vehicle Escape Tool

The Line Cutterz Vehicle Escape Tool is the latest game-changing cutter from Line Cutterz. You trust Line Cutterz to keep you prepared when you’re on the water. Now, Line Cutterz is the name to trust to keep you prepared for the unexpected on the road. This is the cutter you need to have in your car.

A hardened steel cutting blade, sourced from the global leader in surgical blade manufacturing, can be used to quickly and easily remove seat belts. The blade can also be used to remove clothing to aid in assessment of injuries, and administration of medical aid.

The Line Cutterz Vehicle Escape Tool (VET) is equipped with a spring-loaded tungsten window striking rod to guarantee successful egress from a vehicle in the event of an emergency.

The Line Cutterz Vehicle Escape Tool (VET) offers three versatile attachment options. The VET can be mounted securely in a vehicle or taken with you, so you’re prepared for any vehicular emergencies, regardless of who’s behind the wheel.

A mounting hole for keychains is present on the blade cover plug. If the keys are in the ignition of the vehicle a swift pull will remove the plug, leaving the seatbelt cutter and window breaker ready for action.

The car visor clip allows for perfect placement of the VET for driver readiness. With the seatbelt cutter and window breaker placed easily within reach and in direct sight, vehicle occupants will be able to efficiently escape the vehicle and aid in the rescue of other passengers.

A powerful neodymium magnet allows for secure placement of the VET on ferromagnetic surfaces. This is especially useful for emergency response personnel, who may wish to have the VET easily accessible.

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