Is The Line Cutterz Ring One Sized Fits All?

Yes.  It has an adjustable velcro strap that will fit MOST finger sizes, from children to adults

Does it have to be worn on a finger?

No, The Line Cutterz ring can be mounted to kayak seat posts, fishing rod handles, boat rails, tackle bags, personal flotation devices and tackle bags. 

What if my boat rail is too big for the velcro?

Man boat guides and captains cut off the velcro and use a zip tie to mount the Line Cutterz ring to boat rails.    

Can it cut taglines off of lures?

Yes, the Line Cutterz ring allow for the eyelet of the lure to get close enough to the cutting blade so just the right amount of tagline is left which will prevent knots from pulling out.     

Can it cut line to line taglines off?

Yes, when mastered the Line Cutterz ring can line to line knot taglines off right at the knot when using 50lb test or under. 

How do I get the knot off lures after they are cut off?

Putting a hook in the knot and pulling it out is a quick and easy way to remove the stubborn knots that you can't reach with the ring blade. 

Is it dangerous?

No, The Line Cutterz ring blades are recessed which makes it the safest line cutting solution in the industry. No way to stab, poke or cut yourself like other knives and scissors.   

What is it made out of?

It is made out of an ABS Plastic with a high quality German Stainless steel blade which has been treated with a titanium coating   

Will it rust?

Even high-grade stainless steel will eventually oxidize or rust, however, the Line Cutterz ring maintains its cutting ability even when exposed to salt water for long periods of time.

Can I bring it on an airplane?

Yes, you can bring the Line Cutterz ring on airplanes. The recessed blade is safe and can not cause anyone harm. 



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