Demonstration Videos

The Amazing Line Cutterz Ring

Clips from Line Cutterz getting demonstrated at the Portland Oregon Northwest Sportsman Show

Line Cutterz Demo Tagline and 4 strands of 80lb!

This video shows the cutting ability of the Line Cutterz ring. It cut 4 strands of Suffix 80lb test braid like a hot knife through butter. Then it cuts a tagline extremely close to the lure.

Line Cutterz demo - cutting leader to line tag

Daniel shows how to cut a fluorocarbon leader to braid knot tagline off using the Line Cutterz Ring.

Line Cutterz Ring - easy and safe for a child to use

Daniel's daughter demonstrates how easy and safe the Line Cutterz ring is for all ages.

Line Cutterz -Cutting taglines and knots off lures

This is a how to video giving tips on how to use the Line Cutterz Ring for cutting taglines and knots off lures.

Line Cutterz Ring Cutting Test 80lb Mono

Line Cutterz Ring Demo cutting mono

Line Cutterz Ring Cutting Test on 80lb Braid

Line Cutterz Ring Demo cutting heavy braid

Line Cutterz Announces Hook Puller Ring

Line Cutterz announces their newest product for 2016