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Line_Cutterz came in handy all day. 1. My buddy hooked up to a big yellow and 6 yo-yo lures were tangled on the line. I grabbed the lure and let people know I was going to cut them at the lure so they could keep their line and lure. My buddy landed the jackpot. 2. I could easily switch out lures and hooks to peruse the picky fish. 3. I got a lure caught on a game bag and my line cutter easily cut me free. Great product, I use it on my kayak and now I'll never do an offshore trip without it.


Just wanted to say thanks again for this product. It's something so simple yet so necessary when you out on the water. My teeth are always aching but now they won't thanks to you.. haha..I purchased some shirts yesterday, 3/4/15 but I am gonna come back and get an extra one with your autographs on it if that's okay with you. I have a feeling this product is gonna take off and I am glad I can say I helped contribute towards that. If you guys ever need anything, be it exposure, advertising or sales, I'll be glad to help you out free of charge. I'll be sure to keep you posted with pics of line cutter in action. Have a great night and god bless.

John Vitovsky

Just bought a ring yesterday. Cuts 60lb mono and braid with ease. Slim sturdy design, velcro holds tight. If I needed further excuses to go fishing, now I have one, Thanks for a useful invention.

Jeremy Kaleookalani Palacat

Bought your product on friday and used it numerous times sat at Dana point. Once to get out of trouble. We were on Kayaks fishing above and around rick formations. Jig got stuck with 30lb line. More I pulled the closer, it was pulling me towards the rocks. So, instead of grabbing cutters, I used my line cutterz. Thanks for great product.