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A.M. Fishing - Garlic Infused Soft Plastics

From A.M. Fishing:

"We combined the proven, fish-catching actions of two classic lures to create an extremely versatile and truly unique hybrid bait, the curly tail jerk shad. Work it erratically back and forth with quick twitches of the rod tip, rig it weedless for a nice slow sinking bait, slow roll them, drag the bottom, tandem rig them or let them dangle underneath a popping cork to entice bites with the gentle fluttering of the curly tail, the possibilities are endless, but we didn’t stop there! Scent helps fish find baits, they tend to hold on longer to scented baits and it helps mask stuff like sunscreen on your fingers. You don’t always NEED scent to catch fish, BUT its been proven to give you a huge advantage over non scented baits ESPECIALLY when scent is what the fish are keying in on that day. So we figured out a way to infuse a garlic scent INTO our baits that is ultra strong and NEVER wears off WITHOUT being sticky and slimy. You can literally put these baits through a wash cycle and they’ll STILL smell like garlic. They also wont dry out like a gulp, they’re just like regular soft plastics! On top of all that we incorporate glowing colorants throughout our lineup. The glows emit and reflect U.V. light. This is important, because through extensive R&D, we learned that U.V. light penetrates deeper in the water than ALL other rays of light, it penetrates dirty water and heavy cloud cover so fish’s eyes are extra sensitive to it to help them feed. The glows also imitate bioluminescent bacteria that feed on dead or wounded fish and emit green/red glows that fish know to target for an easy meal. The plankton will light up a greenish blue at night when they are agitated by say, a fleeing baitfish, betraying its position. While it’s harder on our machinery, we use one of the TOUGHEST plastic formulas available. We tested a dozen different formulas from several companies to find one that checked all our boxes. We wanted the hardest formula possible without sacrificing the incredible action of our baits AND maintaining the ability to hold the garlic scent. On a couple of occasions, using a good screw lock jighead we have caught up to 100 fish on a single 4” bait, but a more realistic average is around 15-20 fish per bait! This does fluctuate with the different sizes. That’s why we stuff in 12 baits per pack of the 3,” 8 per of the 4” and 6 per of the 5.5! We’ve packed absolutely every possible advantage into these baits and continuously develop more, in our never ending commitment to give you the absolute best chance at success next time you hit the water no matter what species you’re chasing, the pictures speak for themselves, go getcha some!"

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